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What Kind Of Dental Appliance Is Bite Turbo? 2-08-23

The bite turbo is a dental orthodontic instrument that helps straighten teeth. To prevent contact or an improper bite, they affix these tiny triangular or L-shaped devices to the back of the teeth. Bite turbos facilitate improvement and guard against harm to braces and teeth. They may be constructed of metal or a gel-like material that hardens in blue, red, or tooth-colored hues on the teeth. 

The turbo acts as a bumper and minimizes upper and lower teeth overlap. These attachments have enduring benefits when used for the duration of the treatment. Orthodontics specialists of Florida will take out the bite turbo once the top and bottom teeth are correctly aligned and do not overlap.

How does bite turbo work, and how long do we have to wear it? 

According to the best orthodontics near me, the bite turbo corrects the bite issues. It prevents excess pressure on the braces or teeth. It has proven to be an effective way to treat dental problems such as an overbite, underbite, or crossbite and prevent bruxism. How long you have to wear your bite turbos depends on the severity and condition of your teeth. It can make small changes in bite relatively quickly, but obtaining desired outcomes for more complex issues may take quite a while. The intensity and duration of the bite turbo treatment will differ for each patient. 

How should you eat with bite turbos? 

Eating with biting turbos on your teeth will be different than eating without them. If a biting turbo is used on the front teeth, the back teeth won't come together entirely when chewing food. If a bite turbo is applied to the back teeth, the front teeth won't come together. It could be easiest for your teeth to adjust if you eat soft meals for the first week after obtaining bite turbos. 

Soft foods like mashed potatoes, mac 'n cheese, noodles, applesauce, smoothies, yogurt, and soft meats may be excellent options to keep in the refrigerator. As soon as your teeth have become used to the new bite, you can start eating your favorite (braces-friendly) foods again.

What are the risks with bite turbos? 

Bite turbos are reliable and safe to use. Most people may experience speech problems or chewing issues as they start adjusting to their bite turbos. You can also expect some soreness, as with any other orthodontic device. You can treat it with over-the-counter pain medicine such as Tylenol, which should reduce within a few days. 

What do in case of a broken bite turbo? 

A Bite Turbo is unlikely to break loose, and there won't be any issues if one bite turbo does fall off. In case of a broken bite turbo, contact your orthodontist in aventura Florida. Dont try to fix them by yourself as it can worsen the situation. They'll likely set up an appointment to replace them, but if enough movement has been made, they might not be required anymore.


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