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What Are The Causes And Treatments For Underbite? 12-09-21

Many people aren’t able to flaunt their smile because of their misaligned teeth which cause a lack of confidence in them. We all know how small bad things can make us feel bad for a day, having dental issues that affect your daily life is tough!  Make sure to read this article till the end for getting more details about it.

What do you mean by underbite?


A dental condition where lower teeth extend farther than your upper teeth and affect the alignment of your jaw is known as an underbite. But there is nothing to be worried about because it can be treated with underbite braces.


Our 5% to 10% of the population is affected by underbites as opposed to the more common overbite. Underbites are severe when the lower jaw extends out far beyond the upper jaw. A normal underbite cannot cause you serious problems.

Having underbite can cause improper speech, problems in biting and chewing, severe pain, and discomfort in the mouth and jaw.


What are the causes of underbite?

Here is some cause of underbite which includes: 

1. You can have these from Genes-  

Many people don’t know this, but many diseases are commonly caused because of genetic issues and underbite is one of them. If you are suffering from genetic underbite, we are sorry to say that prevention is not possible in such cases. Genes can help determine your dentist the shape and size of your teeth and jaw, which will show if you are suffering from overcrowded teeth or a misaligned jaw or if it is inherited from other family members.


2. Due to Injury

An underbite can be caused due to severe injury in your mouth. Serious injuries can cause permanent and major damage to the jaw. A serious injury can be treated with surgery by repairing your broken jawbones but your teeth may not always align after post-surgery which leads to an underbite.


3. Cancers and cysts:

It is not common but having Cancers and cysts in the mouth or jawbone can cause an underbite which affects the growth or alignment of the jaw.

How to fix underbite and what are its treatments?

Treating an underbite is common but it depends on the patient's severity of underbite. Here are some treatments which you can ask your best orthodontist near me or for kids that you can search on the web for kids orthodontist near me to get underbite treatment.  

1. Jaw expand-

This Treatment is suggested by the dentist to the patient who has an upper jaw that is small in width. The dentist will fit the palate across your mouth and the upper jaw expander will work by slowly broadening the jaw so that the lower teeth match better with the upper teeth.

2. Traditional Braces or clear aligners-

Braces are comfortable for everyone, but it depends on who gets them. If a child is getting braces make sure to choose Invisalign over traditional braces. Both of these braces can treat underbite with elastic rubber bands. Make sure to ask your orthodontist about treatment including questions like how long does it take to get braces.


3. Pulling off Tooth-

If you are suffering from overcrowded teeth your dentist will suggest you get a tooth extraction or get some teeth to pull off which leads to making room for other teeth that can treat your underbites.


4. Surgery:

Surgery is the best and effective method to treat underbites but it can only be an option for people who have severe underbites. Orthodontics suggests this treatment is only for adults; it can be performed on children.


We hope to know you know the cause and treatment of underbite. Make sure to visit an orthodontist for getting yourself checked if you are suffering from any dental issues.

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